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Help for Churches, Charities, & Missouri Non-Profits.

Legal assistance for Missouri Non-Profit organizations, churches, and charities

If your church, charity, or Missouri non-profit corporations needs legal assistance, Hux Law wants to talk to you. Hux Law can help get the problem or concern behind you quickly, so you and your organization can focus on your good work. Attorney Derek Hux is happy to work at a discounted rate for churches and charities.

IRS 501(c)(3) Filings

Hux Law can assist your Missouri Non-Profit Corporation file an IRS Form 1023 with the Internal Revenue Service to be a recognized as a “501(c)(3) tax deductible organization” so donations can be deductible from the donor’s Federal Income Tax. It is a long process, and Hux Law will work closely with you throughout each step of application approval.

Member & Volunteer Policies

In order to clearly set forth expectations of conduct (and protect itself from liability) every church & charity needs well drafted policies for employees, members, and volunteers. Hux Law can review current policies and assist in drafting updated policies that will meet the specific needs of your organization.

Christian Mediation Services

Don’t let a disagreement or misunderstanding split your church or charity, Attorney Derek Hux is a fellow believer who can use mediation to help solve the problem before the dispute escalates. Completely confidential.
Learn more about mediation here. --> Mediation

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