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You need an attorney who is pro-business.

Hux Law understands small business.

Growing up in a family business, Attorney Derek Hux understands the legal difficulties independent business owners face. If you are a business owner, Hux Law is the right choice to be part of your team.

Document drafting in plain English.

Attorney Derek Hux can draft your new company policy, sales agreement, or contract in modern English that will be just as effective as the cryptic “old-style” legalese. When you use legal documents that you, your employees, and your customers can actually understand, everyone will clearly know what their rights and obligations are. Documents do not have to be hard to understand to be legally enforceable.

Business formation the right way.

Hux Law can help you with starting your LLC, partnership, or corporation. Besides filing the appropriate papers with the Missouri Secretary of State, you need a well drafted Operating Agreement (LLC), Bylaws (corporations), or Partnership Agreement (partnerships) that establish a framework of how the business is to operate and how decisions are made. Having well written organizing documents at the beginning can greatly reduce frustration, anger, and legal fees when difficult decisions have to be made years from now.

Hux Law is Pro-Landlord.

Being a landlord today is harder than ever. Hux Law can help update your rental agreement so you can evict a nonpaying tenant as quickly as possible. See more about Landlord Tenant Law.

You need a Business Law attorney on your side.

The law is complex, many similar factual situations are legally different. You need a lawyer on your side to make sure your business is protected.

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