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What would happen if you didn't come home today?
Attorney Hux can help make sure your assets are divided how you want, and minimize family in-fighting.

Good estate planning does not have to be complex or confusing to be effective. Call now to schedule an appointment.

You need a Last Will & Testament.

Everyone needs a Will whether you have a large estate or not. 

A “Last Will & Testament” is a legal declaration of your wishes for what should happen to your property after you pass away. A will is where you are able to name who you choose as guardian for your minor children. Even a simple will is better than nothing. Attorney Hux can help you get a great will for a price you can afford.

You need a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.

Also known as a Health Care Directive (Living Will)

A "Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care" document where you designate who is authorized to make medical decisions for you if you cannot. Don’t leave it up to the doctors, hospital administrators, or insurance company, you want a family member or friend who knows your feelings about end of life medical treatment to be the one making the decisions.

These documents are too important to use fill-in-the-blank forms.

You can afford good documents.

Yes, you can write these documents yourself – but when you need them, you will not be able to explain “what you meant to say”.  Talk to Attorney Hux and get the piece of mind that comes with knowing your documents are fully legally enforceable and that your wishes will be followed. Your situation is unique, get documents specifically tailored to you rather than a sample you found online or from a library book.