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Hux Law's professional rate is $150 per hour.

Call now to schedule an appointment.

Yes, we take payments.

Hux Law will work with you. 

Budgets are tight for everyone. Hux Law will work with you on making payments for the legal services you need.

Cash, Check, Credit Card, and Barter accepted.
An initial deposit is required for representation to begin, and your client account must be kept funded for representation to continue.

Flat fees are available.

Fair price for great work.

For some types of legal work, flat fees are more fair than going by an hourly rate. A flat fee is where a price is agreed upon for a specifc job to be completed, and Attorney Hux prefers using flat fees when possible.

Currently Hux Law uses flat fees for attorney letters, most estate planning, and legal document jobs.

Contingency fees are available

You only pay if Hux Law gets you money.

For most personal injury cases, Hux Law uses contingency fees. A contingency fee is where the attorney get paid out of what they are able to recover for the Client.

This way the injured person doesn’t have to make a large deposit for their case to get started – and if Hux Law is unable to recover money on their behalf, then they don’t owe legal fees.