Mediation can help resolve disputes.

Mediator Derek Hux can help find mutually beneficial solutions to your problem.

Litigation can be very expensive, time consuming, stressful, public, and often neither party feels satisfied with the final judgment. Mediation is cheaper, faster, voluntary, confidential, and you get to decide if you are willing to accept the proposed solution. A mediator is an impartial 3rd party neutral who has no actual authority to decide winners and losers (unlike a judge). The mediator works with both parties to find acceptable solutions, and then help draft a written agreement that both parties sign on to.

Mediation is best for anyone who would benefit from confidentiality, or from trying to preserve the existing relationship between the parties.

The benefit of having an attorney as a mediator is that Derek Hux can explain what is likely to happen at court if both sides fail to come to an agreement.

Mediation is ideal for disputes involving:
- Family members
- Small business
- Churches
- Charities
- Employees
- Neighbors
- Ex-spouses

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