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Compliance with the updated Americans with Disabilities Act?

by W. Derek Hux

Missouri small business lawyer

Every business covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act has until March 15, 2012 to be in compliance with the updated law. The new ADA rules, which went into effect on March 15, 2011, adopted the “2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design”. These new ADA standards provide detailed requirements for almost every aspect of your business premises.

If you are a business who is open to the public and has more than 15 employees, you are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act and face fines if not in compliance. Because it is a public law, you are “deemed to have notice”.

The updated ADA does allow for elements that are now in compliance with the 1991 standards to be given “safe harbor” -- but all businesses should be aware that when any area is now modified or remodeled, it must fully comply with the new 2010 standards.

In addition, the revised regulations contain several new or expanded provisions on “general nondiscrimination policies” including:

So where do I figure out what has changed???

Here is the link to the Department of Justice that details many of the changes in the 2010 ADA standards that are most likely to affect you and your business.

Know the rules and regulations. Don’t let your business be caught by surprise.

Derek Hux
Hux Law

[originally posted 3.13.12]